Here at WriteUpp our primary goals are to streamline day to day tasks in your clinic, whilst also ensuring that you are always compliant with best practice.

We implemented "Switch" to make it easier to change client quickly and to provide you with a more flexible workflow. However, we also wanted to make sure that your records remain accurate and compliant.

With this in mind you will see the following dialogue if you:

Switch client whilst editing a document (before you have saved it)
Switch client whilst creating a message (before you have saved it)
Switch client whilst writing a note, which includes variables (before you have saved it)

If you click on YES the document/note/message will be reset and all unsaved content will be lost. You would typically do this if you clicked on "Create Document" and realise that you actually want to create the document for another client.

If you click on NO the unsaved content will be switched to the new client. You would typically do this if you have written a long document/note/message and realise as you near the end that you have the wrong active patient and you want to switch that content to a different client.

If you click on "NO" you will need to manually update any dynamic content, like variables, as all of the content that you have "switched" will be preserved.
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