In this release, we've been working on improvements to WriteUpp, including a change to protected variables based on user feedback. We've also improved the timeout messages clients see when completing smart forms and implemented a new date picker for assessments which is supported by Safari, along with a host of other small changes and bug fixes. You can read all about what we've been up to below:


Removal of protected variables

As a result of your feedback, the protections added to make variables non-editable in v.2.14.17 have been removed. These changes were made with the best of intentions, to minimise the likelihood of corrupt HTML being captured in the background of documents and notes. However, we recognise that this made the process of formatting and editing variables much more restrictive and so these changes have been removed.

You can now edit the content of variables that are populated within your text, and apply formatting and styling as required. Populated variables will also no longer be highlighted in blue.

As a result of this change, when you edit any of your existing templates, you may see extra or duplicated variables. These are variables that were present in corrupt HTML in the background of your template that are now visible and weren't able to be corrected for you automatically:

You'll just need to remove these before saving. They won't be currently visible in sent messages, but will need to be taken out before the template is saved again.

When writing notes or documents, or composing an email, this also means that the content of variables will no longer update if you use the "switch" icon to change clients. If you use this feature, you will have to manually remove the previously populated variable information and use the VAR dropdown to insert the correct details.

When building document or notes templates, please ensure you use the VAR dropdown to insert variables into each one in the position you would like them to appear. Cutting/copying and pasting variables isn't recommended as you can carry incorrect formatting in the background which then affects the formatting when you create these for a client.

If you are copying text from elsewhere to paste into WriteUpp, please use the 'Paste and match style' or 'Paste without formatting' options, depending on the operating system you are working from. Once your text has been pasted into WriteUpp, you can then use the available tools to format it again. This will prevent any unsupported HTML formatting from being included within the text. Alternatively, you can enter your text by typing it directly into WriteUpp and using the available tools to format it.

Smart form timeout message

When clients are completing a smart form, they'll see a series of timeout messages after they've been logged into their form for 55 minutes, which you can read more about here.

The timeout message will also now appear if anything happens to the clients network to disrupt their connection to the form, if for example they lose internet connection:

Clicking on 'Return to access code screen' will take the client back to the access screen, where they can re enter their code and continue completing their form. The auto-save mechanism that is in place for online forms should have picked up most of the information that was entered before the connection was lost.

Improved date picker within assessment forms

We've implemented an improved date picker to the date and date of birth fields of assessment forms, both within WriteUpp and when completing smart forms. This date picker is supported by a wider range of browsers, including Safari on macOS. When you click into a date field, you'll see a calendar and be able to chose your date:

Clicking on either the month or the year will allow you to quickly scroll to a different month/year. You can also manually enter a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

Ordering of tasks on the client summary

We've changed the way tasks are ordered on the Tasks tab of the client summary. Open tasks will now appear first on this tab, sorted by the earliest due date so anything overdue now appears at the top of the list:

Filtering clients by source, third party or tags

When filtering clients by source, third party or tag, we've added a 'None' option to allow you to view clients without a linked source, third party or tag:

Quick open button for linked attachments

We've added a 'quick open' button for linked attachments, which when clicked will open it without having to navigate to the download page:

Alternative upload button for attachments

Following reports that there have been issues uploading attachments when using an Apple device with Mojave and the latest Safari version (v14), we've added an alternative route to upload attachments. You'll see a new link under the 'Select a file to upload' button:

If you click on Select a file to upload' and nothing happens, you can click on this link to reveal an alternative uploader:

Clicking 'Choose file' will allow you to select a file from your device. Your file with then be selected as usual and you'll be able to add a description and keyword etc before saving it to WriteUpp.

New form builder 'Revert to published' option

We've added a new option to the bottom of a form in the form builder, to allow you to revert back to the last published version of the form:

If for example you start to make changes to a form template that you then decide you don't want to keep, you can use this button to remove the changes and revert the template back to the last published version.

You'll then be asked to confirm you'd like to revert, which will discard the changes you've made:

The form template will remain on screen with any unsaved changes removed, and you can make further changes or exit as needed.

Please note, if you revert to the last published version, the changes will be lost and can't then be recovered.

New predefined payment type

A new protected payment type for Square has been added to the options within Fields -> Payment types:

This is ahead of an exciting new integration coming your way soon 👀 but can be used as a payment type from now if you already use Square to take any payments.

Deactivation of the last user on a site

If you deactivate the last active user on a site in error, you'll see a message that this hasn't been possible, to avoid being locked out of your account:

Client visibility settings within the app diary screen

The diary as viewed within the app will now reflect the client visibility and responsible user settings as defined within your WriteUpp account. Users will not see appointments booked into the diary for clients assigned to another user. Please bear in mind that site administrators will always be able to see all clients, regardless of responsible users.

These settings were already applied to other areas within the app.

Additional job role/specialty

Mental Health Practitioner has been added to the list of available job roles.

Bug Fixes

A further issue was identified that was causing client merge to fail. This has been fixed.
An instance of an error when clicking on Create -> Consent with only one consent form was reported. This has been resolved.
The 'Last seen by' information within the Closed Episodes view of Caseload was not updating. This has been fixed.
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