This relatively small WriteUpp release contains some video consultation workflow improvements that we hope will ease the process for both you and your patients. Here's what we've been up to:


Camera/microphone permissions for video consultation

To help identify issues that arise due to camera or microphone access permissions, we've added an extra check when you join a session. We'll check that access has been given, and if it's been denied or blocked, you'll see a message on screen:

If you or a patient sees this screen, you'll need to check the camera and microphone settings within your chosen browser. You'll then be able to rejoin the session by clicking to open the waiting room, and a patient by clicking the access link again.

Handling accidental disconnections during a video consultation

We've also been working to improve situations where a video consultation is accidentally disconnected. For example, if either party joins a call and then accidentally closes the tab in their browser, loses their internet connection or has trouble setting the correct access permissions. Previously, if you left a video session, you couldn't then rejoin unless both parties left and returned, which connected you again.

Both clinician and patient will now be able to rejoin a video consultation simply by clicking on either the Open waiting room button within WriteUpp, or the access link within an SMS/email. In addition, if either party does disconnect, the person who remains will see a message on screen to indicate this:

You'll be able to rejoin a session for the scheduled duration until it's been ended by the clinician.

During a video consultation, if the image on your screen of the other party appears to freeze for a couple of minutes, and then reverts back to the placeholder image (the bearded man), it's likely that something like the above has interrupted the session. While your screen stays on their frozen image, the platform is trying to reach their browser using the existing connection. If it can't be reached, you'll revert back to the placeholder image and see the above message. When the other party reconnects, your screen will refresh, the connection will be made again and you'll be able to carry on

Incorrect link used to access a video consultation

If a video consultation link was copied and pasted incorrectly, like missing a digit, patients just saw a blank screen with a never ending spinner. We've added an error message here, which advises them that the link cannot be found and asking them to try again:

Online booking column removed from Appointment types

The Online booking column has been removed from Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types. This was an old column that didn't have any bearing on whether an appointment was available to book online, and didn't always update properly. All patient appointments are pulled through to online booking, where you'll be able to set which are visible at any given time within the online booking admin area.

Reworked Settings -> Invoice screen

We've also reworked the Settings -> Invoice screen in preparation for some changes coming in the next few weeks. I don't want to say too much, but I can vouch(er) that it's something quite a few of you are (dis)counting on since it's currently sitting at the top of the feature request portal!

Bug Fixes

When viewing consent granted by email from the notifications, the active patient was not changing. This has been fixed.

Other news

You might also notice that we've given the WriteUpp App a little bit of a facelift 😃 You'll see it in a couple of places but to give you an example, your login screen now looks like this:

The layout and features are still the same, it just looks a little different. The new version of the app is version 2.0.3 for both Apple and Android users, keep an eye on your app store for an available update in the next couple of days!
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