This release of WriteUpp brings you the much anticipated video consultation platform, designed to provide you with a simple, secure way of conducting video calls with your clients, from anywhere, on any device.

With secure one-time access links generated when a defined video appointment type is booked, you can use the automated appointment communications to seamlessly provide this to your clients . At the scheduled time, they simply click on the link from their chosen device to join you for the session.

All sites have been credited with 1000 video minutes, which will allow you to get started straight away. If you're coming back for another look at WriteUpp, all new trial sites will also include 1000 video minutes going forwards.

There is a little bit of setup involved to get up and running, mainly related to appointment types and communications.

The first thing you'll need to do it set up some video appointment types. You can set up as many video appointment types as you need, but to book and host a video consultation via WriteUpp, you'll need to make sure you use one of these appointments when booking the appointment into your diary.

Next, make sure you set up your video appointment confirmations and reminders, to automatically provide your clients with their video access link when an appointment is booked. This overview of video communications looks at the communications in WriteUpp that are specific to video consultations.

This Getting started with video consultations guide will take you through all you need to know including:

Setting up - Things to do before booking any video consultations
Appointments and bookings - How to book and manage your video consultations
Managing the consultation - A look at preparing for, starting and managing a video consultation
General information - Some useful information relating to equipment, troubleshooting and security

We'd recommend taking a look before you get started!

You can find information on all things video consultation in the dedicated help centre section, and we are of course to hand if you need any help! Just click on the chat icon to the bottom right of your screen 😃

Other news

We've also launched our new help centre, which you're currently on 😃 Containing the same library of information on all things WriteUpp, we hope you find it straightforward and easy to navigate! As always, if you need a hand with anything, just grab us on chat.
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