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Visibility controls for assessments and documents (v2.15.3)

In this release, we bring you a new feature... visibility controls for assessments and documents! As you know, users have had the ability to make notes private for a while, so only the user who created them (and site administrators!) had access. This functionality has been requested for documents and assessments too, so we've implemented it.

We are in the process of improving the functionality of notes, assessments and documents, including how locking and visibility controls work - so keep your eyes peeled for future updates in these areas! For now, check out the details of the new feature below, along with a number of exciting improvements and the usual bug fixes.

If you experience any issues following a WriteUpp update, we'd recommend performing a hard refresh on your browser, in order to clear any cached resources that might be causing a problem. If this doesn't help, the next step is to clear the browser cache, which ensures the changes are pulled afresh from our server and prevents any out of date elements being shown to you, which can cause a conflict on screen.

New Features

Visibility for Assessments and Documents!

In WriteUpp, notes and attachments have a visibility option, which can be used to restrict access for other users. Site administrators always have access to all notes/attachments regardless of the visibility settings, but privileged, regular and restricted users do not see any files created by other users if the ‘Visible to Me Only’ option is ticked.

In this release we introduce the ‘Visible to me Only’ option for documents and assessments. Now when creating either documents:

Or assessments:

You will have the option to set them as visible only to you, and hide them from other privileged, regular and restricted users on your site.

This visibility control will also be available when an assessment or document is locked, like it is with notes:

Visible only to me assessments can also be created while using the WriteUpp app, using the switch at the top of the assessment:

If you use the WriteUpp app while you're on the move, you'll need to download a new version of the app to be able to create visible to me only assessments on your mobile device. Keep an eye out for v3.2.2 hitting both the Apple and Google Play App stores shortly!

You'll also be able to go back and apply the new setting to any previously created assessments or documents in just the same way.


Image displayed prior to a video call

Following feedback from our users, we have replaced the placeholder image that appears on screen at the start of a video consultation while the connection is made. Previously this was always a cartoon avatar, but will now show your practice logo as uploaded within Settings -> Organisation:

If you don’t have a logo uploaded, it will still default to the avatar until you have uploaded an image or logo of your choice.

Updated date pickers

We have updated the look of the date pickers in WriteUpp! They now look like this:

They work in exactly the same way, to allow you to select a date or alter the date range for a search. The only difference is now where a date range or filters and present and you make a change to any of the parameters for a search, for example when viewing attended activity, then you must hit the blue ‘update’ button to the side of the filters to update the results:

This provides a more effective way of searching, particularly for handling large date ranges.

Online booking login

As part of a security update, you will now be asked to log into the online booking admin area when you access it through Integrations & Add Ons -> Configure from your WriteUpp site. Login to the admin area through that pathway will no longer be automatic. The login details for your Online Booking admin area will be the same as for your WriteUpp site.

New design for the image inserter

The image inserter for adding an image into a note or document has a new design! Don’t worry, inserting images works in exactly the same way - we’ve simply updated the design for a fresh, new look.

If you experience any issues either creating attachments or uploading images to notes and documents, please perform a hard refresh or clear the cache for the browser you are using. This ensures the changes are pulled afresh from our server and prevents any out of date elements being shown to you, which can cause a conflict on screen.

Bug Fixes

If Date of Birth was selected to appear on your invoices under Settings -> Invoice -> Layout, this was not showing. This has been corrected and now if you wish to show the client’s DoB on invoices, then simply head to your invoice settings and make sure it’s ticked under the layout tab. The client’s DoB will then appear on all invoices.

When saving an invoice, any expenses were being listed above the appointment/appointments. We have changed this to ensure that if there are any expenses on an invoice, they will appear below the appointments.

Previously, if you made a change to the user an appointment was with, then a blank space would appear in the appointment history. This has been addressed and now when you change who an appointment is with, it will explain exactly how the appointment has changed.

Before this update, if you changed what you call your customers under Settings -> General, then this would not be reflected in the header of a downloaded assessment form. This is fixed and now if you choose to call your customers ‘clients’ instead of ‘patients’, then this is what will appear in the header of your assessment forms.

The help link for two factor authentication in the video consultation modal was broken. This has been fixed and clicking on ‘learn more’ will now take you to the correct guide.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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