There are certain events in WriteUpp which can automatically generate a communication to a patient.

These are:

Booking a new one off appointment
Booking a new recurring appointment
Making an online booking
Changing an appointment date or time
Changing the status of an appointment
Deleting an appointment
Deleting a recurring series of appointments

In addition, you can also schedule reminders to be sent prior to an appointment.  

These events are referred to as Trigger Events:

When configuring your appointment communications, you'll select a delivery method, message template and a trigger event. 

The delivery method defines how your patients will receive the information, the message template sets out what information you'll send them, and the trigger event tells WriteUpp when to send your messages.  

For every trigger event other than Appointment reminder, your messagewill be sent immediately once the event has taken place within WriteUpp. 

You can choose when your appointment reminders are sent, with choices ranging from 7 days prior to the appointment, to an hour or two beforehand.
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