If your PayPal profile has been cancelled you will receive an email both from PayPal and WriteUpp telling you.

What this means is that PayPal has been unable to take payment for your subscription using the PayPal account that you provided.

To resolve this issue:

Ensure that you have resolved the problems that you have with your PayPal account. You generally have two courses of action:

i) ensure that your existing PayPal account isn't blocked, that your card associated with your account isn't expired or that you have sufficient funds in the bank account linked to your PayPal account

ii) create a new PayPal account with the correct funding in place 

Log into WriteUpp

Click on the menu at the top left of the screen

Go to Account Details - you should see a screen like this:

Toggle the drop-down menu from the current number of users to a higher number of users (don't worry this won't change your subscription) and then toggle it back to the number of users that you require (i.e. the original number).

Having done this you will see the following button appear at the bottom of the screen

Click on the Update Subscription button and you will be taken through to PayPal where you should enter your PayPal credentials

Please do not create or request a new WriteUpp account as we are unable to transfer data between accounts. Also, please be aware that your PayPal credentials (username & password) are completely unrelated to your WriteUpp credentials. The ONLY place you should enter your PayPal credentials is when you are subscribing or when you purchase text credits.
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