When you buy traditional software you install it on your computer and in most cases you pay a small monthly/annual sum (normally a % of the initial purchase price) for technical support.

However, when you subscribe to WriteUpp you are subscribing to a service, commonly known as SaaS (Software as a Service). As part of the service you get access to a simple practice management system but we also store you data for you, back it up and provide you with access to your system via a whole host of devices by using a cloud-based computing model (which essentially means our servers do the hard work and your browser displays the results!).

Your monthly subscription contributes to the following recurrent costs:

The ongoing development costs of the software
Technical Support
Server Processing Power
Server Data Storage
Data Backup
Data Centre Security
Data Centre Air Conditioning
Server Power Consumption

It's simply not economically viable as a significant proportion of the costs of providing the service are on-going and not one-off, as you can see above.
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