In this weeks release, we have made some improvements and bug fixes to the WriteUpp App. These are contained within updated versions of the app, which should be available shortly within the Apple and Google app stores. For Apple users, the latest app is v3.0.1. For Android users, the latest version is v3.0.2. Keep an eye on your available updates, and download it once you can in order to see these changes!

The following improvements have been made:
We've improved the way heavily formatted Word documents appear when viewed in the app. These should now display containing all the formatting.
When completing a smart field in a form to capture the client's mobile number, the country code dropdown was defaulting to + 1 as the starting point, rather than the country code chosen in the WriteUpp settings.

Bug fixes
For all app users:
The leading zero was being dropped from a mobile number saved to the client summary with a +44 area code, meaning you were unable to call a client from within the app by tapping on the number. This has been fixed.

For Android devices:
The App menu bar and the Android status bar at the top of the screen were overlapping. This has been resolved.
A small number of users were unable to use the Camera when creating an attachment. This has also been fixed.
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