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During a Video Consultation

Once you've started the video consultation, you'll have various controls available to you within the session.

The clients video feed will appear on your screen, replacing the logo placeholder that is displayed when you open the video consultation while the connection is made to their browser. Your own video feed will appear as a small rectangle to the top right.

You'll also see:

The appointment details, within an expandable dropdown

A guide on how long the video consultation has lasted (visible to only you, not the client)

A screen share icon, which allows you to start and stop sharing your screen during the session:

An audio control icon which allows you to mute and unmute your microphone if you need to

A video control icon which allows you to turn off your video feed, and turn it back on again

An end call button, allowing you to bring the consultation to an end

The placement of these icons will depend on the screen size of the device you are using but will always be placed around the edge of your video screen.

If either your microphone or camera has been manually turned off, you'll see a diagonal line running through them. To turn either back on, just click on the icon again:

If your screen is being shared, the screen share icon will appear blue:

When you start the call, the clients video feed will appear on your screen in proportion to the device that they are using, in order to display the best quality image to you. For example if you are using a laptop or a desktop computer and your client connects via a mobile phone, you'll see their video feed contained within an area on screen which is relative to the size of their device, like this:

As covered in one of the other articles, the video portal opens in a new browser tab from WriteUpp, which allows you to have both open at the same time. For example, if you're working from a laptop, you could arrange the windows side by side and be able to compose a note or complete an assessment during the session. To give you an idea on how this might look, this is a laptop screen with both open alongside each other (where the image placeholder will be replaced by your clients video feed):

Once the call has started, you'll be in full control of when it concludes. Although the scheduled appointment length is displayed for you, alongside a guide on how long the consultation has lasted so far, the appointment length doesn't dictate how long the video session will last for. If you take more time than scheduled, you won't be cut off. Likewise, if you spend less time than expected on a call, you're free to end it at any time.

The number of video minutes used during a consultation will be the number of minutes you are actually connected to a client and not the number of minutes blocked out for the appointment in your diary.

Updated on: 30/08/2022

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