Once you have set up 2FA, it's very straightforward to use on a day to day basis. To login with 2FA set up:

Enter your your username and password in WriteUpp as normal

Open the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone and find the entry for your WriteUpp account. It will look something like this, but with a different code:

Enter the six digit code displayed in the Google Authenticator app into WriteUpp and click on Verify

You'll be logged in and taken to your default home page.

If you don’t want to enter a 2FA code every time you login to WriteUpp, you can mark your computer or device as "trusted" when you authenticate. You can do this by clicking the Trust this device box as shown above. To find out more take a look at the article below:

What does trust this device mean?

You'll also see the option to verify by SMS when logging in with 2FA. Choosing this option will send a text message containing a 2FA code to the mobile number linked to your WriteUpp account. It's designed to be used as a back up option to Google Authenticator if you're having any problems with the app. Please note using SMS verification for 2FA will use text credits from your WriteUpp account and therefore you'll need to top these up if you are using this method of authentication.
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