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Adding information to landing online booking page

For those of you that use online booking, you might like to add information to your online booking site.  

You can do this in one of two places on your online booking homepage, which is a nice visible spot for any information to sit:

In the Welcome Text at the top of the page
Using one of the two optional promotion boxes at the foot of the page

Or, you could also add information to the information displayed against each of your available types, if for example they'll be held as a video appointment. 

Adding information to the Welcome Text

To add information to the welcome text on your online booking homepage:

Open the online booking admin area

Choose Marketing from the top menu:

Enter the text you'd like to display under the Welcome Text heading:

Then Save & Publish

The information entered here will be displayed at the top of your online booking homepage for clients:

Adding information using the promotion boxes

To add information using the promotional boxes:

As above, access the online booking area and again choose Marketing from the top menu

Scroll down the page where you'll see options for Large Promotion Box and Small Promotion Box:

You can display one box or both.  Only the 'large promotion' box can be displayed on its own though. If you leave the large box empty, the small box won't show, so if you only need to use one section make sure it is the Large Promotion Box that you use.

Enter a main heading, an optional subheading and the information you'd like to communicate into the Summary field:

You can also add a 'Button' to the Large promotion box, which enables you to link out to an external URL.  This might be particularly useful if you have gathered contingency plans into something like a Google/OneDrive document. You could also link out to the government or NHS coronavirus pages if you think it would be useful:

The promotion boxes will then display at the bottom of the online booking homepage.  If you only use the Large box, it will appear like this:

If you use both boxes, the small one will appear alongside the large one:

Adding Information to your appointment types

To add additional information to your appointment types:

Open the online booking admin area and this time choose Treatments from the menu:

Find the treatment you'd like to edit and click on it:

Make changes to the Display Name if you like (which will not change the appointment name within WriteUpp) and add any additional information to the Description field:

Then Save & Publish

If you have the Appointment Types menu visible on your homepage, your patients will see this additional information here:

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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