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Adding part payments to an invoice

If payment for an invoice is going to be split between multiple parties, you can add these payments to the invoice so that each can be identified and paid separately.

To add part payments to an invoice:

Create the invoice -> How do I create an Invoice?

Select Part Pay from the options at the bottom left of your screen

Select Add Payment

Choose who you would like to define a payment for, from the dropdown under Payable by. The client, next of kin contact and any linked third parties will appear in this dropdown:

Add the amount that the named party will be due to pay. The amount will default to the invoice total, or the outstanding balance if any other part payments have already been added

Leave payment date & payment type blank (unless it has been pre-paid or you are taking payment at the time of adding), add any required comments and and select Save

Repeat steps 3-6 to add another payor

Any part payments you add will be displayed at the bottom of the part payments screen:

and also on the saved invoice:

To complete a part payment, click on the 3 dots that appear at the end of the row and choose Edit, then complete the payment date and type and click Save. The payment status will then update:

If you're using an integrated payment provider (Square or Stripe), you'll also see an option to take payment via that provider when clicking on the three dots menu, as well as options to delete and email the payment

Updated on: 31/08/2022

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