To create an Invoice for a Patient:

Click on the Create button and select Invoice

You will see a list of Appointments and Expenses that you have not yet invoiced for that Patient, use the check boxes to tick the ones you want to include on the invoice.
The List of appointments will relate to your Active Patient. The Active Patient can be changed using the 'Switch' Function:

Optional - Update the statuses of any of the appointments listed that are not at "end statuses" i.e. Appointment Complete, DNA, UTA etc. Changes made here will be reflected in the Diary and Clinic List.

Add any extra expenses that you wish to include on the Invoice by clicking on the Add Expense button (if any)

Once you are satisfied with the Appointments and Expenses, click on the Generate Invoice button:

Modify any information on the Invoice Details page, including: Invoice Number, Reference, Invoice Date, Patient Details, Invoice To Details, Descriptions and Price

From the "Payable by" drop-down list, select either:

Patient: This will automatically input the Patients Details
Other: Will allow you to input the details in free text
Third Parties: If any Third Parties have been added to the Patient Record, you will be able to select these here

Once you are complete, click on the Save Invoice button

You will then be taken to the finalised Invoice page, where you can print it, email it and/or mark the Invoice as Paid
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