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How do I create an Invoice?

To create an Invoice for a Patient:

Click on the Create button and select Invoice

You will see a list of Appointments and and a list of Expenses that you have not yet invoiced for the Active Patient.

Use the blue checkbox next to an appointment or expense to add/remove it from the new invoice. Alternatively, use the checkbox at the top of either list next to the 'Date' title to quickly add/remove all of the listed appointments/expenses from the invoice.

All appointments and expenses for the active client are automatically ticked when you go to Create -> Invoice. Simply untick the checkbox next to any appointment/expense that you wish to remove from the new invoice.

The List of appointments will relate to your Active Patient. The Active Patient can be changed using the 'Switch' icon at the top of the screen alongside the current active patient name:

You can also update the statuses of any of the appointments listed on this screen. If you change any appointments to a status which means that a client is not attending, the appointment will be removed from the list here.

Add any extra expenses that you wish to include on the Invoice by clicking on the Add New Expense button at the bottom of the page

Once you are satisfied with the Appointments and Expenses that you have ticked, click on the Generate Invoice button at the bottom of the screen.

You will be taken to the Invoice Details page, where you can view and modify information including: Reference, Invoice Date and Due Date, Resource, Payable by information, Client Details and Invoice To Details. You'll also see information on the line items added to the invoice.

For an invoice with one appointment, the "Resource" will by default be the user that the appointment is with. If you are invoicing multiple appointments, we'll set the Resource as the user that the first of those appointments is with. When invoicing for an expense only, the default Resource is the user creating the invoice.

You can change the dropdown when creating an invoice or editing the invoice header if you need to, but you can only add one resource to this dropdown per invoice. If you have added any "User" variables to the invoice (User name, User job role, User email, User professional registration number), the information will be populated from the user who is entered as the "Resource".

Changing the "Payable by" dropdown will add that party's details to the Invoice to fields, taken from the information you already have saved:

Client: This will automatically input the Client's Details
Next of Kin: Adds the next of kin details as saved on the client summary
Other: Will allow you to input any other payable by information in the Invoice to fields
Third Parties: If any Third Parties have been added to the client (like an insurer), you will be able to select these here too

Line items can be edited by clicking on the three dots at the end of a row and choosing Edit:

You'll be able to edit the price, tax rate and discount for the item. You can see the impact of these changes on the item and invoice totals below:

Line items can also be removed from the invoice by choosing delete from the menu.

Once you are happy with the items on your invoice, click on the Save Invoice button

You will then be taken to the finalised Invoice page, where you can print it, email it and/or mark the Invoice as Paid

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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