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Can I export an invoice with a number that already exists in Xero?

When exporting invoices from WriteUpp, if you already have an invoice in Xero with the same number, Xero will attempt to update the existing invoice. 

This applies to both draft invoices and approved invoices without an associated payment.

Any approved invoices which are marked as paid within Xero cannot be updated by the export. Therefore, if you export an invoice from WriteUpp with the same number as an approved and paid invoice in Xero, the export will fail and you'll see a message like this in the Xero Export Log in WriteUpp:

If you export a draft or approved invoice without an associated payment, the invoice is updated. You will be able to see an audit trail in Xero of the changes made:

In the above example, the bottom entry contains information on the invoice as it was created in Xero and the top line indicates that the details were changed via an export from WriteUpp.   

We recommend that if you are just getting started with WriteUpp but are an existing Xero user, that you make sure to change your starting invoice number in WriteUpp to a number higher than your last invoice number in Xero. For example, if your last invoice in Xero is number 567, start your WriteUpp invoices from 568 or above.

Updated on: 09/02/2023

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