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Can I mark more than one invoice as paid at a time?

Yes, you can select multiple invoices to mark as paid, and you can do this from two places…

The Invoices tab of the Finance Views
The Account tab of the Patient Summary

To bulk mark invoices as Paid:

From either of these tabs, use the checkboxes to tick any invoices that you wish to mark as paid

Please note: Make sure the payment type and date is the same for all the invoices that you tick here, as the information you enter will be added to all selected invoices. If any invoices have a different payment type or date to the others, then we recommend paying them separately, so any payment information can be recorded correctly.

Click the blue 'Actions' dropdown at the top and select Mark as paid

You will be taken to a new screen where you will see a list of the selected invoices. Add the Payment Type, Date and any comments. Press Save.

You will be directed back to the Invoices tab or the Account tab, depending on where you performed the action and the invoices you selected will now be marked as paid with the Payment Information you added.

To bulk mark multiple invoices as Bad debt:

You can also select multiple invoices to mark as Bad debt from these tabs too. Simply tick the desired invoices, select Bad debt from the 'Actions' dropdown and press Yes. The selected invoices will then be marked as Bad debt. To remove the Bad debt marker, pay the invoice in full.

Are you integrated with Xero? An Export to Xero option will also be present from the 'Actions' dropdown on these pages, allowing you to bulk export invoices to Xero.

Updated on: 16/07/2024

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