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Can I take payment from my client when they are in clinic?

Users based in the UK can integrate with Square, which includes the option to pair a Square Terminal to WriteUpp. Provide fully integrated, seamless card payments to your clients using the terminal -> Taking in person payments using the Square terminal.

Alternatively, if you do not have a terminal or you use Stripe, there is a workflow that you can follow to take payment in clinic, using the Pay invoice link or button on an invoice:

Firstly, read How do I add a payment link/button to my invoices? to learn how to add the Payment variables to your invoice footer. Then...

Make sure the client is selected as the Active Client in WriteUpp

Create an invoice for the appointment you would like to charge your client for, by going to Create -> Invoice

Select the appointments and expenses you would like to invoice and click the green Generate Invoice button at the bottom of the screen

Specify that the invoice will be payable by the Client

Click Save Invoice at the bottom of the page

Once the invoice is generated, click on the Pay invoice button/link in the invoice footer -> How do I add a payment link/button to my invoices?

This will open the Payment portal. From here, simply enter your client's name, email address and postcode (lookup will use the postcode to populate the address fields). Then enter the client's card details for payment.

Click the blue Pay button at the bottom of the page

Bear in mind that the client may have to complete additional verification steps as part of the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations.

The invoice will then be marked as Paid, with the payment provider added to the payment comments at the top of the invoice. If needed, you can then print the invoice out as a receipt for the client.

Updated on: 16/07/2024

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