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Concluding a Video Consultation

Just like starting a video consultation, it's really easy to conclude a session once it's complete.

Simply click on the hang up icon:

And confirm that you want to end the call:

If you're not quite ready to end the call, click Cancel to carry on where you left off, and if you'd like to refresh your connection (which can sometimes help with connection quality issues), click Refresh.

Once you have ended the call, you will see a screen indicating that the appointment has ended:

The client will also see a similar screen, with instructions to contact via phone if they have any issues:

The phone number displayed here is pulled from what you have entered in WriteUpp under Settings -> Organisation -> Phone, so make sure you've got a phone number entered in there!

The client will also have a hang up button on their video screen, however if they use it, you'll be asked to confirm if you're happy to end the session.

The client will see a similar message if they click to hang up, and will also be able to Cancel or Refresh:

If they click on End Call, you'll see a message on screen:

And clicking on End Call will end the session for both of you. Alternatively, if the client clicked to end the call in error, just click on Cancel and you can carry on 😃

Once a call has been ended, the link, as it's designed to be a secure one-time link, won't be active anymore.

If you access the waiting area for a call that has already ended, you'll see the 'Appointment has already finished' message. If a client clicks on a link for a past appointment, they'll see the 'This call is no longer available' message.

If you choose to Abandon a call at the waiting room stage, if for example, a client DNA's an appointment, this will also deactivate the link from being used. Again if the client clicks on it after it's been abandoned, they'll see a message advising it is no longer available. This means that if the client then gets in touch to advise they were simply running late and are available to attend the session, you will need to rebook the appointment to generate a new access link for them. For that reason, we'd recommend only using Abandon if you know the client will definitely not be attending.

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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