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Guide to 'Quick Invoicing'

In some instances, you may wish to create an invoice for a single appointment. The 'Quick Invoice' option provides a quick and easy way of doing this. To access this:

Option 1 - from the List view of the diary:

Go to the Diary List view

Select the correct date from the mini cal or select Go to Today:

At the end of each appointment row, you will see three dots. Click on the three dots for the appointment you wish to invoice. The following menu will appear:

Select Quick Invoice

You will be taken straight to the 'Invoice Details' screen, where you will see the appointment on the invoice:

Finish creating the invoice as normal -> How do I create an Invoice?

Once an appointment has been invoiced, you will see this icon in the diary List view:

If you click on this icon, you will be taken back to the invoice, where you can mark the invoice as Paid or Bad Debt

To show the status of an invoice, when you mark it as Paid, this icon will turn green. Or, if you mark an invoice as Bad Debt, the icon turns red.

Option 2 - from the Appointment modal:

If you click on the appointment you want to invoice in the Week/Day diary view, you can quickly invoice it from the modal. To do this, simply click on the Quick Invoice icon at the top:

This will take you to the 'Invoice Details' screen, where you can complete the invoice for that appointment.

Option 3 - from the 'Non-Invoiced Appointments' tab of Finance views:

Go to Business Views -> Finance

Go to the Non-Invoiced Apointments tab

Click on the three dots at the end of the row for the appointment you wish to invoice. The following menu will open:

Click on Quick Invoice and complete the invoice details. Press Save Invoice when you are happy!

Updated on: 01/07/2024

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