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How do I add a VAT rate?

By default WriteUpp applies a standard VAT (MOMS, GST etc.) rate to treatments and expenses (which are goods that have been provided to the patient as part of their treatment)

You should always check that these rates are correct for the jurisdiction that you are operating in.

In certain circumstances you may need to apply a different VAT rate to either appointments or expenses. If you do, you should add that rate and then apply it accordingly. The following article explains how you add a VAT rate.

To add a VAT rate to WriteUpp:

Go to Settings -> Invoice then click Edit under the existing default VAT rates:

Click on Add Rate:

Complete the details for the new VAT rate including:

The Rate
A label (if you like, it's not mandatory)
If you'd like it to be the default rate
If you'd like it to be active

Then Save:

The new rate will then appear on the list of VAT rates:

Updated on: 01/08/2022

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