To charge using an hourly rate you need to:

Create an appointment type with an hourly rate (rather than a fixed rate)
Specify the duration when you complete the session

Create An Appointment Type With An Hourly Rate

Go to Settings -> Scheduling

Expand the Appointment Types section (this should already be done for you)

Give the Appointment Type a Name

From the Type drop-down list, select whether it is a Patient Appointment (i.e. Consultation), a Non-patient Appointment (i.e. Meeting) or both

Enter a default Duration in minutes (this will determine the length in the Diary)

Enter an hourly rate in the cost field and then be sure to click on Hourly Rate

Specify which clinicians offer the treatment from the Resources checkbox

Once you are complete, click Save

Specify the Duration

When you are charging using an hourly rate you need to specify the duration of the appointment so that the client can be charged accordingly. If you don't specify a duration we will assume that the session took the default duration.

To specify the duration follow these steps

Click in the diary when the session started

In the Edit Appointment panel that appears select the appointment type that you set up (which charges by the hour)

Adjust the end time of the session so that it reflects the duration of the session

Having done this when you raise an invoice for the client the cost of the session will automatically calculated for you based on the duration you specified in the diary and the cost per hour defined when you set up the appointment type.

Hourly rate appointments can't be used in Online booking.  If you wish an appointment type to be available online, it must be a fixed rate appointment.
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