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How do I edit an invoice that is unpaid?

You can change the invoice details of a raised invoice, as long as it has not yet been paid. If it has been paid, you will need to delete the payment information first, and then you can edit the details.

You can change certain details of a saved invoice, such as the address details, and you can also edit the layout. However, you cannot edit the items included on the invoice. Therefore, if you have made a mistake and need to change the appointments/expenses included on a saved invoice, you will need to delete the invoice and start again.

To edit the invoice details:

Open the unpaid invoice

Click on the Edit Header button at the bottom of the screen (if you do not see this button, it means the invoice has been paid. You need to firstly delete the payment information and then you will see the button):

Here, you can edit various aspects of the invoice, including the Reference, who it is Payable by and the Address details:

You can also edit the invoice layout from this screen, including the invoice logo, the invoice values (the 'Show VAT on invoice' checkbox), all of the 'Show on invoice' checkboxes (patient name, address, DOB etc) and the Invoice Footer. Furthermore, you can make changes to the Third party attributes and Custom fields, if they were shown on the invoice when it was created.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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