You can export data out of WriteUpp for your records or for further analysis using our Data Export Tool.  The data you can export using this tool is as follows:

Patient Demographics
Invoice details

When using the data export tool, the formats available are:

Patient Demographics - Excel or CSV file
Appointments - Excel or CSV file
Notes - PDF
Invoice details - CSV file

Notes are provided in PDF format rather than as an excel or CSV file because they may contain additional contextual information which cannot be presented in Excel, like tables or annotated images.

When exporting patient demographics, appointments or invoice details, you will be provided with an excel or CSV file containing all of the information requested.  This is an example of a Patients export to excel:

When exporting notes, you will be provided with a ZIP file which is downloaded to your computer.  This ZIP file will contain a folder for each one of your patients, named with the unique WUID number assigned to that patient:

The folders will contain each note relating to that patient created as an individual PDF file:

To perform a Data Export:

Click on the menu in the top left-hand corner and select Tools

Click on Data Export

Select a tab - either Patients, Appointments, Notes or Invoices

For Patients and Appointments, click on either the Export to Excel or the Export to CSV button, and this information will be downloaded to your computer in your chosen format.

For Notes, click on the Export button at the bottom of the screen.  Exporting Notes typically takes longer, but if you can turn notifications on for 'Data export completed' and be notified when the export is ready.  Once the export has been completed, you'll see a Download option at the bottom of your screen. If you have remained on the Data Export page while the export is performed, you might need to refresh your screen to see the Download button. Click on this button to download the ZIP folder containing your notes:

For Invoices, again click on the Export button at the bottom of the screen.  Invoice details will be collated as a CSV document and saved within a ZIP file, which is then downloaded to your computer.  Just like with a Notes export, you can turn notifications on to let you know once it's complete, and should then see a Download option at the bottom of your screen.

In each tab, you will see that there is a field called WUID. This is the field that links your data together.  For example, in the "Patients" export you might have a patient called John Smith with the WUID WU207684. Every entry in the Appointments, Notes and Invoices exports with WU207684 relates to John Smith.

You can also perform an Access Request for each patient which will collate every piece of information you hold on them into a ZIP file which again can be downloaded and saved to your computer.  Exporting data via this pathway will also ensure you have a copy of any information saved as assessments, documents or attachments, as these cannot be exported in bulk.
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