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What financial reporting is available?

To analyse, report on or export financial information click on the menu in the toolbar:

and select Finance:

Use the tabbed interface to select the information that you require:

The available Finance views are:

Non Invoiced Appointments
Xero (If you have Xero configured on your WriteUpp account)


This view allows you to see all invoices that have been generated during a specified time period.  You can select to view invoices by their status (unpaid, overdue, bad debt, paid, part paid) and search for specific invoice number.


This view allows you to see all payments received during a specified time frame.  You can filter payments by type (based on the types you have set up within fields and search for a specific invoice number.  

Non-Invoiced Appointments

This view allows you see all the appointments that have not yet been invoiced between two dates, along with a count at the top of the page. You'll be able to "Quick Invoice" any of these appointments from here, or view them in your diary.

This view provides a great way to manage your cashflow and ensure that you are up to date with your invoicing.


This view allows you to see all expenses that you have logged during a defined date range.


The Xero Export log shows a record of all invoices exported to Xero, if you have Xero connected to your WriteUpp account.  You can read more about the export log here.

Export To Excel or CSV

All financial information can be exported to Microsoft Excel or CSV for further analysis. To export your information, just click on the blue Export to Excel or Export to CSV buttons at the bottom of the page:

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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