An expense can be anything that you wish to charge to a client. So it could be mileage/fuel if you do home visits or it could be a medical appliance if you actually sell items to your clients.

In this scenario we're logging an expense sometime before you actually raise the invoice. 

To make it quick and easy for you to log expenses we've provided you with a mechanism to pre-define expenses (name, price etc) so that all you have to do when you log an expense is enter the quantity.

To find out more about defining expense items click here

Having set up an expense item you're ready to log an expense. To do this:

Make sure you have the correct patient selected

Click on Create -> Expense

Choose your pre-defined expense item in the Use A Saved Template dropdown. This will then populate the details of the expense (Name, ex VAT price per unit, VAT, Total Price):

Enter the quantity

Click on the green save button

This expense will now appear when you next attempt to raise an invoice for this client:

If it's the first time you've used expenses and you haven't defined any expense items up-front all you need to do is specify the details of the expense and check Save This As a Template. This will set this expense item up so that in future you can select it from the Use A Saved Template drop-down as before.
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