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How do I send my client a receipt?

For appointments invoiced for via WriteUpp

For appointments which have been invoiced for via WriteUpp, once payment has been received, you can mark the invoice as paid. Once you've done this, the invoice itself will be stamped "paid":

This can then be emailed to the client directly using the email icon located below the invoice. Additional information on the payment method and date can be added to the accompanying email.

You'll also have the option to send via direct message or to print the paid invoice if you'd like.

There isn't a specific receipt functionality within WriteUpp, but you could potentially set up a document template containing the information you'd like to provide and use this as a receipt for your clients.

For payments received via Stripe:

You can configure your Stripe account to automatically email your clients a receipt following a successful payment. To do this:

Log into your Stripe dashboard

Go to Settings from the menu down the left side

Under Business Settings -> Your Settings, choose Emails

Toggle Successful payments to the right:

You can also manually send clients a receipt from Stripe. To do this:

Log into your Stripe dashboard

Click on Payments and select the payment you'd like to send a receipt for

Scroll down to the email history and click send receipt

Enter your client's email address

Click send

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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