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How do you handle death or incapacity and clinical wills in WriteUpp?

We recognise that many clients will be depending heavily on you and your expertise, as well as the insight you have gained into their condition. So, what happens in the event of your death or incapacity?

It's not the most pleasant topic to consider but a number of clients have asked us this question. The following article attempts to address it.

Most businesses need to implement some level of continuity planning and healthcare practitioners, particularly sole practitioners, are no different.

One option that a number of practitioners consider is having an "executor" - i.e. someone that can handle their affairs in the event of death or incapacity.

How you assign an executor and the rights that you grant them is your decision. However, it is important to discuss details with your legal advisor before implementing anything.

If you use electronic systems in your business (including WriteUpp), the simplest and most efficient right to grant to your executor is access to your email account.

Why? Because most systems will have some form of email/password-based login mechanism. So, by granting your executor access to your email account, you give them access to all of the systems necessary to maintain business continuity, such as payments, professional membership, accounting systems etc.

In light of the introduction of the GDPR, it's worthwhile keeping in mind that what you do with your client's data is between you and your clients and must be clarified in your Privacy Policy. So, if you're planning on having an executor, you are going to need to reference this in your Privacy Policy and state very clearly what data will be made available to them and for what purpose. If you are in any doubt about what you should include, our very strong advice is to consult a data protection/privacy lawyer and get an opinion. Better still, get them to draft your policies based on your specific requirements.

Having granted email access to your executor, if they need to act as your executor, we will reset the password on your account and provide them with access. At which point they will be responsible for your account, the data contained within it and for continuing to pay the subscription.

We understand this is a sensitive subject and not as straight forward as it ought to be. Please get in touch via live chat or contact support on if you wish to discuss anything at all.

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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