Site Administrators have the ability to delete Patients, which will remove all of their records from your system, including all Patient Demographics, Notes, Assessments, Appointments, Tasks, Invoices, Documents and Attachments. Please ensure that you think carefully before deleting Patients.

To Delete a Patient:

First ensure that your Active Patient is the patient that you want to delete from WriteUpp

Click on the menu top-left and select Tools (NOTE: This option is available to Administrators only):

On the Tools page, select Delete Patient, and you will be presented with the Active Patient's details:

If you are sure you want to delete the Patient, click the Delete button and then click OK to confirm in the prompt box 'Are you sure you want to delete this Patient? This cannot be undone'

You'll be redirected to the Diary screen, there will be no active patient and the patient's record will be permanently deleted

WriteUpp will maintain a record of all patient deletions in “Main Menu -> Tools -> Security Log.” This is done for audit purposes and to provide you with evidence that a record has been deleted in the event of a “Right to be forgotten” request under GDPR (Article 17). You can read more about the security log here.

If the Patient is a duplicate, you may wish to merge as opposed to delete them. Click here to view how to merge duplicate Patients.
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