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How patients access a video consultation

When arranging a video consultation via WriteUpp, your patients will access their session by using a secure, one time access link which will take them to an online "room" in which the appointment will take place. There's nothing to download or log into and it can be accessed on any device simply by clicking on the link you provide them.

The access link is generated and linked to an appointment at the time it is booked, and remains linked throughout any changes you make to the appointment until it has been concluded. You have the option to manually capture and send your patients their access link, but the quickest and easiest way to provide this is by using the automated confirmations and reminders that WriteUpp can send for you.

Within the content of your message, you must include one of two available variables designed to capture and insert the link specific to an appointment when a message is sent.

These variable can be accessed via the VAR dropdown when composing an email template and the corresponding Variables dropdown with an SMS. They are:
Next Appt Video
Next Appt Video Link

You'll see both options listed within each template builder in the variable dropdown.

Next Appt Video (##NEXTAPPVIDEO##) inserts the link in its entirety, and can be used in both SMS and email communications.


Next Appt Video Link (##NEXTAPPVIDEO_LINK##) is designed for use in emails, where HTML is used to embed the access link as a hyperlink behind the text 'Video Link':

It can't be used in SMS. If you do, the additional HTML text will be visible without adding the hyperlink to your message:

The default templates included with WriteUpp use the Next Appt Video variable in SMS messages, and the Next Appt Video Link variables in emails. If you create your own custom templates, be sure to use the correct format for the delivery method you choose!

Your patients will also need to make sure they use an up to date and supported browser to access their video consultation, which you can learn more about here

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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