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How to add an email link to your invoice footer

You can insert an email address variable into your invoice footer, which you can then turn into a link. When clicked, this link will allow the client to quickly and easily send an email to that address.

Go to Settings -> Invoice -> Layout and scroll down to the 'Invoice Footer' section.

In the text editor, select the email variable you want to include from the VAR dropdown in the toolbar:

This will appear in the text editor. For example, if you added the ‘Practice email’ variable, then you will see the text ##PRACTICEEMAIL##

Highlight the ##PRACTICEEMAIL## text and then click the ‘Link’ tool from the toolbar. Click Insert link:

For the URL field, write ‘mailto:’ and then add the email variable after it. So for this example, it would read - mailto:##PRACTICEEMAIL##.

Leave the Text field as ##PRACTICEEMAIL##:

Press the Insert button at the bottom of the modal to insert the link. Be sure to hit the green Save button when you have finished making any changes.

Now, when you create an invoice and send it to a client via email/DM, they will be able to click the email link in the invoice footer to send you an email.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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