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I don't charge VAT, what do I do?

When you take out a WriteUpp trial, the VAT rate is set by default at 20%. If you don't charge VAT though, it's really easy to change this!  

There is no way to remove VAT from WriteUpp, so instead what you'll have to do is set the default VAT rate to 0% for both appointments and expenses.  

To do this:

Go to Main Menu -> Settings and choose the Invoice tab

Click on Edit under VAT Rate:

Click on 0%, which is one of the pre-defined VAT rates included in WriteUpp:

Tick the two checkboxes for Appointments and Expenses:

Then Save:

0% will then be set as the default tax rate for both appointments and expenses:

You might also want to remove VAT from your invoices by unticking the Show VAT on invoices box here, and then clicking Save:

Once you've done this, VAT won't be applied to any of your appointments or be displayed on your invoices.

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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