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Linking notes to appointments in the app

When using the WriteUpp app on either Apple or Android devices, you can link a note to an appointment date, just as you can when using WriteUpp on a browser via laptop or computer.

If you're using WriteUpp on the browser of your device (as you would on a laptop or computer), you can read about how to link notes to appointments here.

When creating or editing a note in the app, you'll see a Linked to field here:

Tapping Choose date will open a new box displaying a list of appointments for the client:

The app does not yet support the entering of a manual date against a note, which can be done when logged in via a browser. To find out more on entering a manual date in a browser, check out this article here.

Tapping on an appointment will select it, and clicking on Confirm will close the box:

And take you back to your note, where you'll see it selected in the field:

You can then complete the rest of the details of your note before tapping on Save.

The link between the note and the appointment is not made until the note is saved after the date is selected, so be sure to do this before exiting the screen!

If you don't have any appointments for the client in the current episode, you won't see any appointments to select:

A linked appointment can be removed from a note by tapping on Remove link below the linked to field. Once you've done this, you'll need to save the note again to save the change. If you'd like to change the linked appointment, simply remove the existing one first, before tapping on choose link to select a new one.

Updated on: 09/08/2022

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