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Linking notes to a different date

When creating notes, you might find it useful to indicate that notes created on a particular date actually link to a different date. For example, perhaps you'd like to create a note that relates to a conversation that you had with a client on a day that you didn't see them, or add historic notes to WriteUpp that don't necessarily relate to an appointment that's been booked into the diary.

To do this, when creating or editing notes, you have the option to add a Linked to date of your choosing in this field here:

Clicking on the icon within the field will open a new box. The entry field and calendar on the right hand side allows you to enter a date to link the note to:

This field is primarily designed to provide a link between a note and an appointment in the diary, which is covered in more detail here.

Once you've manually entered a date in the format DD/MM/YYYY or used the calendar to select a date, click on Set Date to take this date back to your note. You'll then see the date added to the field:

You can then complete the rest of your note using the options available to you and then choose either Save and Continue or Save and Exit from the bottom of the screen.

The date won't actually be saved until the note is saved after the date is selected, so be sure to do this before exiting the screen!

Once the note is saved, the date entered will remain linked to the note unless you manually choose to remove it.

Back on the Notes tab, you'll see the linked date listed on Grid view:

And if looking at List view, you'll also see the linked date in the header at the top of an entry:

If you'd like to remove the linked date from a note, you can do this while the note has a draft status. Click on the Created date while on the notes Grid view to open it and click on the link icon in the Linked to field. The manually entered date will be visible when the box opens, and clicking on Remove Link will remove it from the note:

Again you'll need to save the note to save the change, after which you'll see that the date has been removed from the Linked to field:

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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