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Troubleshooting video consultations on Firefox

If you're having issues with video consultations on Firefox, this article will take you through some things to check.

Setting camera and microphone permissions

The video consultation platform needs access to your camera and microphone so your patient can see and hear you (and vice versa!). When using Firefox for a video session, you'll need to allow access to both of these to allow the connection to be made.

To check your camera and microphone permissions on a laptop or PC, click the three horizontal lines at the very right hand side of your screen, in line with the address bar, and choose either Options or Preferences. What you see will depend on what operating system you are using but you'll see it with a cog icon. For example, on macOS, you'll see Preferences but on Windows 10, you'll see Options.

From the menu at the left hand side, choose Privacy and Security then scroll down to the permissions section and click on Settings next to both Camera and Microphone in turn.

For both, make sure the "Block new requests" box at the bottom of the screen isn't ticked.

If you see any sites listed with a Blocked status, please use the dropdown to change this to Allow.

When granting access to your camera and microphone in Firefox, you have the option to tick a "remember this decision" box:

We'd recommend ticking this box to allow Firefox to remember these settings for you, meaning you won't have to grant access each time.

On a phone or tablet, go to Settings and choose Apps then Firefox. Tap on permissions and then check if Camera and Microphone are listed as Allowed or Denied. If they are listed as Denied, you can tap on them and change them to Allow.

You can see Mozilla's own guidance on managing camera and microphone permissions here.

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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