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Video consultations and security

WriteUpp's integrated video consultation platform is designed to provide you with a simple, secure way of conducting video calls.

It uses WebRTC technology, which is built into most modern browsers. This allows real time media communication between browsers and allows those communication to take place using webpages. For both you and your clients, this means there's no software to download, nothing to log into, and you don't need to share any external credentials, like Skype, Zoom or FaceTime information.

Video consultations are end to end encrypted, with a direct connection made between the two participants.

When both you and your client have joined the online "room" created for your session, the browsers you are using connect directly to each other. WriteUpp simply "introduces" them to each other by facilitating the connection. Once you're connected, any data exchanged is not seen or saved by us.

We do not retain any copies of the content of your video sessions, and such content is not stored anywhere on our servers. We are able to track any errors resulting from the video portal, but this doesn't contain any information on the content of the session with your client. It simply allows us to make sure the the platform is working as we expect it to, and to make it as robust as possible for you.

You can read more about WriteUpp and security here.

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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