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Where can I insert my practice address on invoices?

You can edit the Footer of your invoices, to include any details you wish. You may choose to include things like your practice address, telephone number and email address.

To insert your practice address onto your invoice layout:

Go to Settings -> Invoice and select the Layout tab

Scroll down to the 'Invoice Footer' section

Add the information you wish to appear in your invoice footer, and format the text as you like using the toolbar above the text editor.

Use the VAR tool to add the 'Practice address' variable. This will then populate saved invoices with the Practive address you have entered under Settings -> Organisation. There are also variables for 'Practice name' and 'Practice postcode', so you can complete the whole address:

Once you are happy, click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen.

The information added to your invoice footer will then appear on all newly created invoices.

If you wish to edit the invoice footer of an existing invoice, then you will need to go to the invoice, click the 'Edit Header' button and change the footer for that individual invoice. This is because changing your invoice layout in settings will only affect invoices going forwards; any existing ones will stay as they were when they were created.

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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