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Booking a recurring video consultation

If you use the 'Recurrence?' function within the appointment modal to book a series of appointments for a client at regular intervals, you can also use this when booking a video appointment.

For example, if following an initial video session, you agree appointments with your client for the same date and time for the next 4 weeks, you can quickly and easily book this sequence of appointments all in one, rather than individually.

If you use this function to book a series of appointments, as each video link can only be used once, your client will still receive a separate unique link for each appointment in the series.

As with booking a single instance of a video appointment, you will need to make sure you have confirmations and reminders set up to allow the links to be automatically sent to your clients. We've provided a separate trigger event for the booking of a recurring video appointment, and a specific template that you can choose to use, that allows you to provide additional information regarding a recurring appointment.

To book a recurring video consultation on desktop:

Find the slot in your diary that you'd like to book into and click on it

In the appointment modal, choose the video appointment type you'd like to book from the Type dropdown

Choose the recurrence frequency, and the end date for the series

Then Save

You'll then see each appointment booked into the selected slots in your diary.

It's not possible to book a recurring appointment via the WriteUpp app

Once the appointment is booked into your diary, the defined recurring video appointment confirmation will be generated and sent to the client, containing their unique video access link specific to the first session only. Appointment reminders will be queued for each subsequent appointment, each containing the link specific to that session.

You'll see the 'Switch to Video' icon at the top right of the appointment modal in your diary, which is how you will initiate the video process and start each call when the time is right:

The video access link for each session will also be saved to the appointment summary, which you can access quickly and easily from the appointment modal by clicking on the eye icon at the top right:

You'll see the URL listed with the appointment details at the top of the screen, and the appointment history including the communications sent and scheduled at the bottom.

As you can see below, a different secure, one-time URL is generated for each appointment in the series:

1st in series:

2nd in series:

3rd in series:

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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