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Can I choose a default Note Keyword?

Yes, you can. By ordering your keywords, you can choose which keyword appears at the top of the list. The keyword at the top will then automatically populate the Keyword dropdown when creating a note.

To  choose a default keyword...

Go to Main Menu -> Fields:

Select the Note Keywords tab:

Click the Pencil icon next to the keyword that you'd like to appear first in your list:

The Edit Note Keyword modal will open. In the Order field type '1' or use the up arrow to select '1':

Then click Save:

You will then see the number saved in the Order column:

And the chosen keyword will be populated in the Keyword dropdown box when you go to Create -> Note:

If you have multiple Note Keywords set up, you can order them all:

And they will display in this order in the Keyword dropdown when creating a note:

Keywords with the same number in the Order field will display alphabetically amongst themselves.

Updated on: 24/11/2023

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