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How do I send a note via Direct Message?

Go to the Notes tab of the patient summary and open the note you would like to send.

Click on the Direct Message icon at the bottom of the screen:

Select a recipient:

You will need both an email address and mobile number for the intended recipient, and also text credits. This is because the recipient will receive the link to the note via email and will then require an access code sent via SMS to open it.

Enter some message text, choose an expiry time frame and click Send:

The recipient will receive a link to the portal where they can view the note via email. They will receive a text message containing a numerical code when they click the link, which will allow them access to the document.

Once the recipient has gained access, they will be able to view the message and the note below it in the portal. Recipients can download the note if they need to using the 'Download attachment' button at the bottom

Updated on: 20/01/2023

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