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How do I set up Note Templates?

If you write up your notes in a standard format (e.g. SOAP), you can create a note template, so that you don’t have to keep re-typing the same information. It's a really great way to save yourself time!

To set up note templates:

Click on Create -> Note

Click on the Manage Templates link:

Click on Add New Template:

You will be taken to the 'Add Note Template' screen:

Give the Template a Name

Type the text into the editor, and use any formatting options you wish

Once you are finished, click Save Template

This Template is now saved for future use, and you will be taken back to the Notes Templates page. You can click on the Preview link from the Notes Template page to view the template, and you can also click Edit at any time to modify your Template.

To use this Template in a Note:

Click on the Back to Note button

From the 'Select Template' drop-down, pick your Template and it will appear in the editor below

Finish your notes as normal, and click Save

You can create as many Templates as you like, and these will be available to all users on your WriteUpp site.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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