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Can I rename an episode of care?

Yes, you can.

In WriteUpp, when an episode of care is opened, it will be numbered, by default, depending on how many episodes already exist for that patient. 

For example, if you previously treated a patient for one condition through to discharge, this would be Episode 1.  If that patient then returned after being discharged for either the same or a different problem, and you open a new episode for them, this would be called Episode 2:

Certain actions will automatically open a new episode for a patient if they don't already have an open one. Creating a new appointment, assessment, note, attachment or document for the patient will open a new episode.

Adding a Custom Name

If you'd like to give an episode a different name, you can do this in the Episodes tab of the Patient Summary. Start by clicking on the line of the episode you'd like to edit:

You can give it a custom title (of up to 32 characters) and add an optional description (of up to 254 characters), see below. You'll also see a summary of the activity within that episode: 

Once saved, this information is visible on the Episodes tab and throughout the Patient Summary:

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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