If you'd like to allow patients to book and pay for an appointment with a voucher via online booking, you can create a discount code to reflect the value of their voucher.

Simply provide your patient with the discount code alongside or as part of their voucher. When booking an appointment via online booking with payment switched on, they'll be able to enter their code before proceeding to payment:

Applying a voucher to an appointment in this way will show the value of the voucher as a discount on the invoice produced:

The discount code will be saved against the invoice, and you'll be able to see a view of invoices which have discount codes allocated to them by opening the main menu and choosing Finance -> Discount Codes.

When creating discount codes to be used by your patients in online booking, be sure to consider how you'd like the discount to be applied, if you charge tax on your services. You can choose to apply the discount to the price of the appointment excluding or including tax. You can find out more about managing the discount the calculation here.

You'll also be able to apply any discount codes you create to an invoice within WriteUpp.

If you sell gift vouchers for your products or services, there's no specific functionality to allow you to track and manage the sale of these within WriteUpp. What you could do is set up an expense item for each of the vouchers on sale, and log these as an expense as and when you sell one. Bear in mind that an expense would need to be logged against a patient so you might like to consider how and against who you log an expense item for a gift voucher.

Note - Patients booking and paying for their own appointment via online booking won't be able to use a discount code that reduces the cost of the appointment to £0. This is due to the method used to apply the discount to an appointment, and the fact that it is linked to payment of an appointment during the online booking process. We're investigating how we might be able to handle this going forwards so keep on eye on the release notes
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