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Can WriteUpp create new contacts in Xero?

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Yes.  You can create new contacts in Xero as part of the mapping process and also allow WriteUpp to create a new contact in Xero for you as part of the export process, if the party responsible for paying the invoice is not already mapped to an existing contact.  

To create a new Xero contact when mapping patients, next of kin or third parties, click on either Add Mapping or Edit (depending on whether a contact is already mapped):

Then click on the "+" icon in the search bar of the modal that appears:

Any details you have entered within WriteUpp will be auto populated and you can add anything that's missing before hitting Create to create the contact within Xero:

To add new Xero contacts when bulk mapping patients, click on the tick boxes in the first column against the patients you would like to create as contacts, then click on Actions and choose Create Contacts in Xero:

Click on Yes to continue: 

And WriteUpp will create the contacts in Xero and map them to the relevant patients:

To allow WriteUpp to create a new contact in Xero for you as part of the Export process, go to Settings -> Invoice -> Configure Xero Export and tick this box under Contacts, then Save:

If this box is ticked and you export an invoice payable by a party who is not mapped to a Xero contact,  you'll see a message advising "If a contact is not selected, one will be created during the export":

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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