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Online invoice payments with Square

Covering situations where you might be conducting remote appointments, online invoice payments provide a secure way for your clients to pay in their own time either before or after a session. Online invoice payments will incur a charge of 1.9% per transaction.

In order to pay an invoice online, you'll first of all need to make sure you've added the pay link or button to your invoice footer. Clients will then need to be sent a copy of the unpaid invoice containing either the pay link or a pay button. Email is generally the easiest way to send an invoice, but you can also send it via direct message if you'd prefer.

Paying an invoice online

Once the invoice has been received, the client should open the invoice and click on either the pay link or pay button:

Which will open the online page where payment can be made:

Clients can access the payments page on any device they choose, making it really easy for them to pay online using a mobile or tablet, not just a computer!

Clients should then complete all of the requested fields, including the card payment information, before clicking on Pay.

The payment request will be submitted. If the payment fails, this will be displayed to the cardholder on screen along with the reason for the failure.

Once payment has been taken, this will be confirmed to the client onscreen:

And you will receive a notification of the payment within WriteUpp:

The invoice will be marked as paid via Square:

The payment will appear in your Square dashboard under Transactions, identified by the WriteUpp invoice number:

The payment information will also contain the line item(s) included on the invoice:

Part payments online with Square

An invoice part payment can also be taken online via Square.

First of all, you'll need to create the part payments which will apply to the invoice.

Once that's done, you can email the invoice for payment as normal from either the part payments screen or the invoice itself.

From the part payments screen, click on the 3 dots next to the amount you'd like to send and choose Email:

From the invoice, click on the email icon as usual, then choose which part payment to email:

Once the client has received the email, they'll click on the payment link or button to open the payments page. The amount payable will reflect the part payment that was applied to the invoice.

Once the payment has been processed, you'll again receive a notification:

And the invoice will be part paid (or paid, if the online payment covered the remaining balance):

As above, the payment will appear in your Square dashboard under Transactions, identified by the WriteUpp invoice number. The payment information won't list the invoice items, but will display as a part payment related to the invoice number:

Square is only available to WriteUpp users based in the UK. For those of you who are not UK based, you will be able to set up Stripe, which allows online payments only

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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