This article will walk you through how to connect your WriteUpp account to Physitrack. Site administrators will first of all need to enable the Physitrack integration, then each clinician will set up a link between their WriteUpp login and their Physitrack login.

Each clinician should follow the steps below once Physitrack is enabled, using their own unique API key to link Physitrack and WriteUpp.

To connect to Physitrack:

Login to WriteUpp, open the Main Menu and choose Integrations & Add Ons

Go to the Physitrack section and click on Configure

Copy your API key

Login to your Physitrack account and navigate to My Account -> Settings

Scroll down to Integrations and choose WriteUpp from the dropdown

Enter the API key copied at Step 3 into the API key field then Save Changes

Your WriteUpp account will now be linked to Physitrack, and for all patients, you'll see an option to Open in Physitrack within the active patient dropdown.

Head over to Using the Physitrack integration to find out how to prescribe exercise programs from WriteUpp, and where the saved program will be saved in with the client summary!
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