Coming soon! Square Integration is still in development and is not yet widely available within WriteUpp. We'll let you know when it is, so watch this space!

This article is designed to help you with any issues you might encounter with the Square integration. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team via live chat at the bottom right of your screen should you need any help with anything!

If you have any problems with Square itself or have questions about navigating your Square dashboard, you can find out how to contact Square here

Setup troubleshooting

Unable to retrieve locations from Square

When you connect your Square account, we will retrieve the information that WriteUpp needs to be able to send payments to Square. If anything has gone wrong with the connection process, you'll see it on screen like this:

In this example, "Unable to retrieve locations from Square" means that we've not had your locations from Square returned to us. To be able to use a location for payments, it must be both active and credit card enabled, which means that it must have a bank account linked to it.

To check that a location is active:

Navigate to your Square dashboard and open your account settings
Open the Business dropdown and select Locations
Check the status of your locations under the Status column.

You must have at least one active location. to make a location active, click on the line containing the details and select "Reactivate Location" from the top left.

To check that a location has a bank account linked to it:

Within the same Locations section, click on the line containing the location you'd like to check
Scroll down to Bank Information
Next to Transfer Account, use the dropdown to select the bank account you'd like to use to receive funds from Square
Save the changes at the top right

If you don't have any bank accounts to select in the dropdown, you'll need to add your bank account to Square first. You can find out how to do that in the Square support centre.

Terminal troubleshooting

If you have any general problems with your Square terminal, rather than with the link to WriteUpp, please contact Square directly here

Unable to see quick payment icon

If the quick payment icon doesn't appear at the top right of the appointment screen, please check the following:

Is Square connected? If your Square account hasn't been connected, you won't see the icon.
Does the appointment have a status in which ‘client attending’ is set to no? If the status associated with the appointment is non-attending, the icon (and the invoice icon for site administrators and privileged users) will not appear
Has the appointment already been invoiced? If the appointment has been invoiced, the icon won't appear. You can take payment by opening the invoice and initiating payment from the icon at the bottom right.

Payment troubleshooting

Payment in progress, please check Square terminal

If you open an appointment from the diary and see this message:

It indicates that a payment for the appointment is in progress via the terminal. You should check the terminal for the payment status.
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