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Creating a Smart Form in the Form Builder?

Smart forms are created using WriteUpp's Form Builder (just as assessments are), so you'll be able to use any current favourited responsive or custom assessment as a smart form.

Please note that if you use the old style Classic Assessments (which have now been discontinued), these can't be sent as a smart form.
If you'd like to create a new smart form to send to your patients, you would use the form builder to do this. Your new form will then appear in your assessment collection, and be available for your team to use both within WriteUpp and as a smart form.

The Form Builder is a simple tool in WriteUpp that enables you to create your own custom assessments forms.

To access the form builder, go to Settings -> Assessments and press the green 'CREATE NEW ASSESSMENT FORM' button.

Forms built using the form builder can contain multiple sections and each section can have one of two layouts, either Full Width or Split View:

Within a section you can then insert the fields that you require. The available fields are listed when you choose Add New Field +:

You can also make the following fields mandatory for completion:
Single Choice
Multiple Choice
Options List

This is done by ticking the 'mandatory' box when adding or editing these field types within a form.

Sections and the fields within them can be dragged and dropped to re-order the questions on your form.

To move a whole section, click down on the Move button and drag it to where you want it to be, then release:

To move a field on it's own, click on the bank of dots to the left of the field and again drag it to the new position and release:

Once you have completed creating your form you just need to click on "Publish & Exit" and the form will automatically be added to your list of favourites.

If you need further guidance on using the Form Builder, there is more information here

Updated on: 06/10/2022

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