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Obtaining an electronic signature using forms

WriteUpp's Form Builder contains a number of different field types to allow you to create custom forms for use with your clients.

Amongst these field types is the option to insert a Signature field, designed to help you obtain an electronic signature from a client by having them 'draw' a signature in the available space. This field can then be used when either you or your clients are completing a form to capture their signature.

The signature can be obtained on a touch screen device such as an iPad or a mobile phone using your finger or a stylus and can also be obtained on a desktop computer using the cursor/mouse. When used in a smart form, the field area will be responsive to the screen size your client is using and adjust accordingly.

To add a signature field when building or editing an assessment form

Choose your layout and then click +Add New Field

Under Select a field type, choose Signature

Give the field a title, perhaps "Signed:" to indicate that the signature should be entered, and choose if you'd like to make it mandatory. Any fields marked as mandatory need to be filled in before a form can be saved

Click on Finish Editing

Build the rest of your form then click Publish & Exit

Your form will now be available to use within your Desktop WriteUpp site, or as a Smart Form with your clients.

When viewed in your WriteUpp site, a signature field will look like this (shown on a MacBook laptop screen):

When used within an Smart Form, the signature field will perform like this (shown on an iPhone 8 alongside the date field):

Note: These new fields are not currently supported in the WriteUpp App but this is something we are working on implementing, so watch this space! In the meantime, if you'd like to use a form containing this field while you're out and about, you can log into your WriteUpp site using the internet browser on your mobile device.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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