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Obtaining an electronic signature using forms

WriteUpp's Form Builder offers a number of different field types, allowing you to create custom forms tailored to your needs.

Amongst these field types is a Signature field, designed to allow you to you capture an electronic signature from a client, by having them 'draw' their signature in the available space.

The signature can be obtained on a touch screen device, such as an iPad or a mobile phone, using a finger or stylus, and can also be obtained on a desktop computer using the cursor/mouse. When used in a Smart Form, the field area will be responsive to the screen size your client is using and adjust accordingly.

To add a signature field when building or editing an assessment form:

In the Form Builder. choose your layout and then click +Add New Field

You can read about how to create a new form in the Form Builder here, or to edit a pre-existing custom form, go to Settings -> Assessments and click on the three dots at the end of the row and select Edit. NOTE: You cannot directly edit a responsive form from the Assessment Store, however, you can duplicate it and then edit the duplicate.

Under 'Select a field type', choose Signature:

Give the field a title, perhaps "Signed:" to indicate that the signature should be entered, and choose if you would like to make it mandatory. Any fields marked as mandatory need to be filled in before a form can be saved, so this would ensure a form can't be submitted without the client's signature.

Click on Finish Editing

Build the rest of your form then click Publish & Exit at the bottom of the screen

Your form will then be available for use within your WriteUpp site in Desktop, or as a Smart Form with your clients.

When viewed in your WriteUpp site, a signature field will look like this (shown on a MacBook laptop screen):

When used within an Smart Form, the signature field will perform like this (shown on an iPhone 8 alongside the date field):

Note: Signature fields are not currently supported in the WriteUpp App, but this is something we are working on implementing. In the meantime, if you would like to use a form containing a signature field while you're out and about, you can log into your WriteUpp site using the internet browser on your mobile device.

Updated on: 30/04/2024

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