To access the Form Builder, go to Settings -> Assessments and click on the green Create New Assessment Form button at the bottom of the screen:

From here, you can give your assessment a name and an optional description, before starting to add layouts and fields to your form.

You can choose between 2 different layout styles:
Full width - where the chosen field will cover the full width of the form
Split view - where fields will appear side by side in two columns

And from different field types:
Text - designed for a few words or a short sentence.
Paragraph - a larger text entry field, with choices of 256, 512 or 1024 characters.
Single Choice - gives clients the option to choose one answer from a number of possibilities. Possibilities can be listed horizontally or vertically.
Multiple Choice - allows clients to choose multiple answers from a list of possibilities. Again these can be listed horizontally or vertically.
Options List - displays a dropdown list for clients to choose their answer
Signature - inserts a box for an electronic signature to be captured
Annotation - inserts an image of your choice that can be annotated with text and freeform scribbles
Heading - adds a heading to a section of your form
Helper Text - used to provide instructions or guidance when completing a form
Horizontal Line - inserts a horizontal line into your form
Date - allows a date to be selected from a calendar or manually entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY
Smart - a set of predefined fields which once completed, can populate the matching field of the client summary

If you intend to use your created form as a Smart Form with your clients, the layout they see when completing the form will depend on device they are using. For example, on smaller screens, split view layouts will default to full width throughout instead. Additionally, multiple choice options will be displayed vertically as standard, rather than horizontally (if selected).

Any Forms that you create in the Form Builder will automatically be added to “Your Assessment Collection” and Favourited. When a form is “favourited” this means that it has been made available to your team and can be accessed via Create -> Assessment for use with clients either in clinic or sent to them as a smart form.

If you want to remove a form from your Favourites just click on the three dots at the end of the row and click on “Remove From Favourites” while in Settings -> Assessments:

You will also notice a small shopping cart icon at the bottom of the screen. This takes you to the Assessment Store, where you can add a number of pre-built forms to your Favourites.

There are two types of pre-built Forms:

Responsive - these are popular pre-built forms that can be used within WriteUpp, within the app, as smart forms and can be printed.

Classic - these are old pre-built forms that were shipped with WriteUpp from Day 1. They are still provided in the store for those sites who may already be using them, but we would strongly recommend that you use a responsive form if available, or create your own using the form builder. Classic forms can only be used within the desktop version of WriteUpp.

For an indepth look at the form builder, this webinar video can be very useful. In it, we take a look at how the different fields and layouts work, and build a form step by step. Please note that there are some small changes and more available field types since this was recorded, but if you need a hand with anything, please drop the team a message!

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