Some insurers, like Healix, require additional information on the treatment location to be provided when submitting an invoice.  

When setting up a third party for Healix (or any other insurer who requests location information), you'll need to tick the This insurer requires information about location box which appears under the Identifier field: 

When you submit an invoice to Healthcode with this setting ticked, you'll see an additional set of fields relating to the treatment location:

These will also need to be completed before the invoice can be submitted. 

You’ll need to enter a setting, which must be daycase or outpatient for Healix, and also the treating hospital or treatment site and an admission date for a daycase.    

The information required in the treating hospital field is not the hospital name, it is an 8 digit identifier number associated with the hospital or site.  This is information that Healthcode can provide you with, unfortunately we don’t have access to that information here at WriteUpp.   

You can contact the Healthcode Customer Services team on 01784 263150.
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